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下載網址:MegaDownloader MEGA下載器(免費下載)



官方網站:MegaDownloader 官方網站


MegaDownloader is a download client for https://mega.io/zh-hant/, allowing you to easily download files https://mega.io/zh-hant/ * Fast: You can download multiple files simultaneously with multiple connections per file, squeezing the bandwidth. * Lightweight: Takes up less than 2MB and consumes little resources. It requires no installation, is a single exe. It doesn’t create giant temporary files. Just uses a small buffer in memory and stores the file directly in disk. * Secure: No ads, banners, or anything. It doesn’t collect information from user. Only connects to MEGA.CO.NZ to download the files, and periodically checks for updates. Nothing else. And sensitive internal information is stored locally encrypted using DPAPI and AES. * Simple: Its interface is simple to use: add links and start downloading. That’s all! * Complete: It allows pausing, stopping and resuming file downloads. It enqueues files, grouping them by packages, automatically decompresses RAR/Zip/7z files, detects links from the clipboard, can limit the download speed, is multilingual, can be controlled from the phone / remotely with its integrated web server, can be configured to automatically start or shut down the PC when finish, can reconnect in case of error, etc.

立刻下載:MegaDownloader MEGA下載器!(免費下載)