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Google Adsense blank block, I can not see ad

I believe many people have the same problem when applying for Google Adsense, very smoothly through the first approved, but in the second review has encountered a problem. Put tags on the site waiting for almost two months, but only blank ad, can not see red auditing alert message in your account, contact the host provider confirmed no blocking Google ads, also confirmed that no conflict of JavaScript, still no ads appear, the experience to others.

After application Adsense

After start applying Adsense ads, quickly passed the first phase of the audit, after the start of the ad code on your site, but has no way ads appear only blank space in the Google Adsense management page and did not see any warnings and audit notification, new ad units gradually become idle …. We do not know in the end you have to wait long.

Try thisGoogle Adsense “do not see the ad” troubleshooter

Then fill in theGoogle Adsense Issue formThough only received the letter said, “the first phase of the website and the account has passed, and so on ad impressions began to gain specialist will review your site,” probably over several weeks, although the site has traffic coming in but still only serve “blank ads “… The last time plus wait to reapply passed.

To successfully apply through Google Adsense little advice:

Whether it is in the first stage or the second stage, the site must behave enough text and article richness , then apply ad, it will be better by, because it is the assessment by the Panel of experts (artificial?) whether to approve, if a start site no original content certainly will not let you pass, it must go through a retrial after a long wait ………….. more …

So it is important to have quality web content and quantity, on-line site and no more than six months, not a lot of traffic but also through Oh!

※ little more personal experience to share, only a reference to the incorrect please feel free to advise and exchange Thanks. ks